Next Monday is going to be a really big day - on February 4th, just 8 days from now, we’re going to be releasing the film’s official trailer! The trailer will first go live on the Kickstarter campaign, where we’re setting up pre-orders for the film. 

The trailer will have another very special announcement regarding the film’s original score - music has always been incredibly important to For Thousands of Miles, and we’ve been lucky enough to work with our dream-choice composer to create, what I think, is such an impressive and beautiful score. 

Monday, we’ll also be giving people a first look at new artwork for the film, designed by Kristen from WARPAINT. There’s more announcements scheduled during the KSR campaign, February is shaping up to be a big month for the film. Stay tuned! 

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    Been eagerly awaiting this indy bike film for a while now. Footage that I’ve seen looks absolutely stunning. Excited...
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    I have been watching this project unfold online for quite sometime… Mike and everyone involved has put their hearts into...
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